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Hephner Auto Appraisals

Leetonia, Ohio

330.277.9431 cell

We Do NOT buy, sell or restore vehicles
Therefore we do not have any 
This is extremely important legal issue when having your car appraised. 
About Hephner Auto Appraisals

     I began appraising cars after successfully completing the International Vehicle Appraisers Network training classes in Greenville, SC in 2003. 

     I provide accurate appraisals based on current market and replacement values. These values are based off of true researched market evaluations, not just asking prices.

     My expertise is in muscle cars particularly Mopar Muscle, as I have been into them throughout my entire life. I specialize in  decoding broadcast sheets, fender tags and VIN numbers for Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler vehicles along with all other brands.

     I have restored several of my own vehicles that have won national awards. I also enjoy "survivor vehicles" as they tell the true story of how they were built. 

     Please read more about me and my services on the contact page tab above.

     I cover all of northern Ohio, as well as anywhere in North America and will inspect vehicles at shows nationwide that I attend.

Recently, I have been contracted to provide pricing for very large collections and museums. I have traveled to Louisiana, Texas and California for one of my clients. Call me for pricing on large collections or museums.

     I am a Senior Master Judge with the AACA and am active in National clubs such as AACA (Antique Auto Club of America)and SPAMFAA (SOCIETY for the PRESERVATION & APPRECIATION of ANTIQUE MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS in AMERICA).

    Other inspection services hire average people with little to no experience in evaluating your vehicle. I am a trained professional and know collector cars. Don't be fooled into there cheap price, it will cost you way more in the end. All of my appraisals are accepted by courts of law and insurance companies nationwide.  





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